The "Ecotoxicology of Rare Earth Elements in Aquatic Systems" (ECOTREE) research project presents the related "Network on Technology-Critical Elements:From Environmental Processes to Human Health Threats" (NOTICE) project. 

NOTICE project is a COST Action TD1407. The overall objective of this COST action is defined as the creation of a network of scientists and practitioners working on and utilizing trace elements critical for the development of new technologies, ranging from evaluating environmental processes to understanding potential human health threats, with the aim of defining the current state of knowledge and gaps, proposing priority research lines/activities, and acting as a platform for new collaborations and joint research projects.

The stated objectives are:

  • Moving towards rapid, cost-effective and accurate analytical determination of the TCEs and their species in the environment
  • Environmental impact and cycling, and policy-oriented assessment
  • Human exposure and toxicology

NOTICE is also partly dealing with REEs. The COST Action NOTICE has collected an extensive database on REEs that can be accessed and used by the participants of ECOTREE. Participants from the two projects are currently preparing a shared review paper on occurrence, distribution and known toxicity for one of the elements in question. NOTICE provides also funding for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) that are exchange visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering collaboration between researchers.

Next evaluation dates of applications for STSMs:

  • 15 June 2018
  • 14 September 2018
  • 14 December 2018

> ​STSMs Coordinator: Natalia Ospina-Alvarez



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