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Ecotoxicology of Rare Earth Elements in Aquatic Systems (ECOTREE) is a research project that aims at developing a general understanding of REE ecotoxicity to predict the possible risks associated with the current anthropogenically-driven increase in their concentrations in aquatic ecosystems.


Filling gaps - Freshwater ecosystems


ECOTREE - A decisive step towards the ecotoxicological mechanistic understanding of Rare Earth Elemants (REEs) in freshwater ecosystems and based on Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) approach will help to define appropriate strategies for better management of their predicted increased contamination.

The results of ECOTREE experiments will provide new knowledge to fill critical gaps on the potential environmental impact of REEs on freshwater ecosystems. It will provide environmental managers and policy makers with information that can be directed towards hazard classification of material containing REEs as well as risk assessments of impacts in contaminated environments.

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